Why are Human Captioners Better Than AI-Based Systems?

Realtime or live captions created by a human captioner are generally considered to be more accurate, reliable, readable, and secure than captions provided by AI systems. Human captioners are able to understand and interpret the context and meaning of spoken words in real-time. Human captioners can also pick up on nuances and variations in speech, such as accents and idioms, which are difficult for AI systems to understand.

Additionally, human captioners are able to make judgments about what information is most important to include in the captions, are not confused by background noises or multiple speakers, and can adjust the captions as needed to keep up with the speaker.

For security-minded consumers and organizations, a human captioner provides greater security than an AI system where the audio and text is stored who-knows-where and it is unknown who and how many people may have access to your personal or confidential information.

Human captioners are trained, certified, and insured. They follow standards of ethics, continually improve, and are accountable for their work. When an AI system makes an embarrassing or offensive mistake, who is accountable?
Overall, realtime captions created by a human captioner are more secure and provide a more reliable, comprehensive, readable, and accurate representation of the spoken content.

Human Captioners are:

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